Saying GoodBye

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Even though I don’t believe the saying that ALL good things must come to an end; I think this one does… Or maybe it’s just evolving into a different way of being a good thing!!

From the beginning of the year, I couldn’t figure out why I just couldn’t post another project, or tutorial, or any of all the wonderful ideas I had when I first began this blog… And then it finally became clear to me that there was another passion inside of me that I never allowed to service. I was settling for something I already knew how to do… because in the other passion, well….. I sometimes felt like I just wasn’t “good enough”!

All I gotta really do is just be ME….

I have come to realize that I don’t have to be… All that is required of me is to just be ME….and that’s good enough to the right folks that I am called to help encourage along the way. I have enjoyed this part of my journey. I have even learned some things that I see will help me in my new part of the journey; but it has come to a time when I must let go of some things to be able to do others. This blog will be up for awhile, before it is gone. So, therefore you are free to use the couple of designs I have posted. Thank you my new crochet friends.

What I am I going to be doing now you may ask? I have dabbled with learning how to make jewelry the last couple of years or so, and that is where I want to continue to go…. You can find me on Facebook. As of right this minute , it is still under the page Stringing With Heart…. I am trying to change this to Michelle Moody Jewelry. I would be delighted if you will follow me there!! Thank you and hopefully will be “seeing” some of you around!

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