It Just Takes One Moment

It really does take just one moment to change everything.

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I started this morning out with my usual routine of making that pot of coffee to have that first sip of the first cup to open my eyes good and collect my thoughts. A hummingbird was already hovering at the kitchen window letting me know they were out of food.  As I went out on the porch to get their feeder to prepare it, I couldn’t help noticing how beautiful the morning was. There was a gentle breeze blowing and about twenty  beautiful, gossamer-winged little creatures darting and buzzing around my head, chattering away. Lord, how many of these beautiful mornings have I taken for granted that You created? Please forgive me, and if  You see fit – please let me get a good report today.

Strength always comes from the Word…

I padded back into the kitchen and paused a moment. The reddish-brown brahma cows that I call the Sassy Ladies were making their morning jaunt

into the back yard part of the pasture. I love the country life where we don’t even have to worry about many cars passing the dirt road in front. Just a handful of neighbors that we all kind of keep to ourselves for the most part, but if you hear of something happening, they show up to see if you need help.

Sassy Ladies/ moment
the Sassy Ladies

I poured my coffee, picked up my Bible and journal, and sat to have my morning devotional… So hard not to be scared, and very hard to even

a moment
?: Aaron Burden

keep focused in my thoughts to pray. But this morning was not the morning for a half-hearted attempt to pray at all!! I found myself just pouring out all my thoughts, worries, fears, hopes and finally —

just simply submitting my life over to Jesus.

Lord, if it be in Your will to see fit to let this ‘cup’ pass from me, I surely will be most grateful. But Father, if they call and it is the worst news; then I will trust in You to keep Your promises that You truly never leave us nor forsake us. I know that there is something You are doing. Like the man admitted in Your Word, Father…

I believe; Lord, help my unbelief!

The more I read Psalms, the more I was strengthened with the Scriptures.

The sudden jarring of my phone startled me, causing me to slosh a little coffee onto my blouse. “Hello?”, my voice seemed to whisper, because my heart was maybe beating louder.

The news was so good!! “Biopsies were benign. No cancer. No ulcers. Not even infection!” the nurse was saying… Now there are tears falling down my cheeks, as I am asking her if she can repeat that one more time!! ” Just something minor…changing diet…”, she was saying…

stringingwithheart/a moment
?: Natalie Collins

I know the cows think I am crazy today!!! I have walked on my back porch and can’t help but to raise my hands and shout ” Thank you Jesus!! Thank you Jesus!! Thank you!!”

Somehow that doesn’t seem enough…

Lord, thank you for the wake up call. I no longer want to go through the motions, but live for you every day trying to make it count for You! And help me minister Your Love to those that are dealing with sickness and illnesses that are so hard to fight, because my heart may can be more passionate than before.

It's only fair to share!.. 😉

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