Best Christmas Gift Ideas 2018

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Creative Kids 2018

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Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Creative Kids 2018

Wow! It’s getting that time of year again! How can that be?!? There are such wonderful traditions that we look forward to at this time of year… I think I am the only one, but I still like to wait until the weekend after Thanksgiving to put up my tree. Not judging anyone else, mind you, LOL, …there isn’t anything wrong with this for the ones that do. Baking Christmas cookies, making Christmas candy, watching Hallmark Christmas movies… and shopping for the Christmas gift list.

Shopping can be fun for those we love, but sometimes the idea of just what to get can become a little difficult. We love shopping for our grandchildren! It is so fun to have Christmas Eve at our house with the ham, green beans, mac and cheese, pecan pies and the excitement of our little grands all around!  Our oldest is now 8. We are finding that as they get older, it becomes a little harder to know exactly what to get. We are blessed, however, because this same grandchild has a very creative side, which is just right for this MiMi to have some ideas! 😉

Just this week, he brought his ‘portfolio’ ( a spiral notebook with some notebook pages) of drawings that he had started. While he was here, I had some colored markers, a TV stand and he went to drawing! His mom told me last night that a girl in his class gave him a special eraser for one of his drawings that she liked. Proud moment!! Another creative entrepreneur in the making.

Why is it so hard to buy for those 8 – 13 year olds?

It seems like buying for the wee small ones is so fun!! They love EVERYTHING and love the excitement of actually tearing the paper off and opening the gift as much as the gift itself!

I was thinking the other night, that at my grandson’s same age, is when I discovered the love ( and the need) of making things! That awkward age of getting older and desiring ‘older’ gifts for a young girl ( like clothes, make-up, diary, etc.) , but yet still wanting something that I could play with… And at the age of 8, I can remember that wonderful classic gift that got me ‘hooked’! Literally!! That one little gift so long ago, gave me that confidence that I could make things. All of the hours of peace and contentment in making something myself and then the joy of gifting those to my family (mostly my precious grandmother). So that got me to thinking of all the favorite kinds of gifts I received, as well as other gifts to encourage creativity in our precious loved children and grandchildren.

Here is a wonderful list of creative gifts that will inspire and encourage your favorite children!

Best Gift Ideas for that awkward hard to buy for stage

Of course my favorites are sharing the love of crochet. These are a couple of kits that start with teaching the granny square, which really is the easiest to learn. I love the fact that they are hip, cool and colorful!

 and this one which will teach them how to crochet and think of things made in rounds:

I REALLY like this one for those that might be a little more daring and really showing an eagerness to crochet. How cool as a young girl to make yourself a scarf and learn how to make them for friends! 🙂

Here are some other fiber arts kits that will encourage your favorite little people.

A neat little cross-stitching kit, that when they learn to do this, then they can move on to cross-stitching on towels, pillow cases, etc.

And a version of this kit  was a real favorite of mine when I was around 12… Such fun!!  and unicorns are Sooo popular right now!

String Art is another popular art form these days that can open the world to creativity!


What if my child does not care about crochet, or any of these things?

I really feel that we cannot go wrong when we encourage creativity in our children! So many times their brilliant little minds become sensitized and numb from too much time on video games. Instead creativity has so many benefits! This teaches them how to think through complex processes, it fosters self-confidence which is part of learning to master something new, and it provides some time of peace and de-stressing from all of the other demands our children have on them today. You never know where their creativity can take them in life!

There is one to introduce them to leather working:

         As well as jewelry making:

        and Sand Art!! Who doesn’t like that?!?

So these are just a FEW  ideas to get you started! There are all kinds of kits out there that would be fun for your favorite kids to open, as well as to get started.

I so appreciate you taking the time to check out this Best Christmas Gift List to introduce creativity into your little ones. I also appreciate you purchasing through any of the links that I have provided which at no cost to you, will help me to continue this blog.  I pray that you enjoy the Thanksgiving season  and then enjoy the special Christmas season, but remembering the main reason we are thankful is the birth of Jesus Christ!! 🙂



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